TECHniques: Presenting Information to Influence

Are you an expert who needs to present data, technical or specialized industry specific detailed information? Whether you are presenting to a potential customer, client or colleagues you need to be clearly understood while giving information that your audience may not completely understand. There is an art to presenting specialized information such as legal, financial, technology, telecommunications, medical, pharma and STEM information.

What do Abbott, Ridell, Corona, Pfizer and ShoreTel all have in common? They have worked with Lori to reframe how they present data. She works with experts who have to present detailed industry specific information and with millennials who have to clearly and simply relay important detailed information.

Sometimes when you present information you cannot discern what is important and what should be left out. You have to think about your audience and relay information in a way THEY can understand and use. You don’t want to do a data dump and leave your audience frustrated.

As a result of this program you will:

  • Learn how to use your stress to create confidence
  • Communicate with ease whether speaking to one person or a hundred
  • Get the audience’s “buy in” right away
  • Build greater rapport with your audience
  • Organize and write content that flows easily
  • Deliver complex information in a way that your audience can easily understand

Clients Say

 “Lori is an impactful speaker and trainer. She brings out the best of your presentation skills. I worked with Lori on two occasions: Big audience presentation using lots of data to tell a story and secondly, training my team of 20 individually on their unique communication styles. She understands that it’s not only what we say but how we say it. I highly recommend Lori. She’s very approachable and will make you feel at ease.”
Heide Tierney, VP Insights & Analytics – Corona & Modelo


“Lori gave an excellent workshop with our Global Security experts on presenting highly sensitive and technical information to influence decision makers in an emergency. She did an outstanding job!”
Geoff Shank, VP Global Security – Abbott


“Thank you for all your help, support and guidance in working with our experts. Their presentations at breakout sessions at the Global Partner Conference were very well received.”
Stuart Skjerven, Channel Communication Manager – ShoreTel