Snapshots To Success:
Living Life One Frame At A Time

Our life is made up of snapshots, significant moments which give us meaning. We’re all moving at the speed of life and as professionals you may feel stressed or unfocused. To be more productive and achieve better results it’s important to examine your expectations and shift your perspective. The key to a breakthrough is by learning to live life one frame at a time.

Lori creates a fun and inspiring learning experience to demonstrate her Focus- Capture- Frame approach to feel more energized, inspired and hopeful. Drawing on her twenty years as a professional actress, Lori portrays a humorous and insightful cast of characters, to help you see how the power of perspective, adjusting your expectations and living in the moment can improve your personal and professional life.

As a result of this program you will:

  • Increase your productivity at work
  • Feel less stress and more energized throughout your day
  • Improve personal and professional relationships
  • Shift to a more positive perspective

Clients Say

 “Lively and entertaining as well as insightful. What a wonderful speaker.”
Diane Thomas, Kishwaukee Community Hospital


“Lori’s presentation was very engaging, interactive, funny and great stories. The characters were very entertaining. My staff enjoyed it and they got to reframe what they do everyday. I would recommend this presentation to anyone who needs to reenergize their group.”
Laurie Halaska, CEO Crossroads – YMCA