People Don’t Come Warning Labels: Dealing Difficult People

This keynote or workshop on dealing with difficult people is entertaining and highly informative. Lori uses humorous characterizations to help people learn to resolve conflict and create a more productive work environment. We all have to deal with difficult people whether they are coworkers or customers.

Did you know the number one reason people leave their job is because of conflicts with another person? Lori’s goal is to have the audience leave with specific skills that have a dramatic impact on their relationships.


As a result of this keynote speech or workshop the audience will:

  • Understand why people are difficult
  • Learn specific techniques for dealing with different types of difficult people
  • Create a more positive and productive work environment with improved morale and greater job satisfaction
  • Be able to resolve conflict and improve communication
  • Decrease stress for yourself and others which results in higher productivity

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Clients Say

 “Your diverse background, subject knowledge and personality are a great combination for delivering an interactive, interesting and entertaining presentation.”
Bea Donato, Discover


“Your humor, personality and interaction made this a fantastic program. I have been to many programs but this was the best!”
Julie Dudzik, Association of College Registrars & Admissions


“Your portrayal of the different personality types was good for a lot of laughs while at the same time getting the point across.”
Janet Richardson, Fox Valley Payroll Association