Communicate For The Win

Business experts have stated that 85% of your overall career success is dictated by your ability to communicate well. As a professional in today’s highly competitive world, applying exceptional virtual and in-person communication skills is not optional, it’s critical to your success. In this interactive program communication specialist, Lori Klinka, will help you improve your communication skills to connect with your audience. Lori will help you gain confidence, build better rapport with your audience and give you other tips for success. Whether speaking internally or to stakeholders, improving your communication skills can make a huge difference in getting the results you want. No matter what level we are at, we can always improve, make a greater impact, build our confidence, have less stress and enjoy the presentation process more. You’ll see results after the first session.


As a result of this program you will:

  • Communicate with confidence and ease
  • Build greater rapport with your audience
  • Organize and write content that flows easily
  • See more results than ever in your speaking

Clients Say

 “Lori did a fantastic training session with our 20 top sales people and then all of the sales people from Illinois. What was outstanding is it conformed to the selling environment our reps face on a daily basis.”
Hank Allen, Regional Manager – Pfizer


“Your ability to work with our staff and understand our needs has made a difference in our success.”
Debra Roschetzky, Kodak


“This was the best training we’ve ever had.”
Susan Schramm, Siemens