Sales Presentation Coaching

I’m sure you know how to sell. But do you feel confident about your sales presentation skills? Do your sales presentations build rapport to influence your customers? Or do your sales presentations simply give information? As a Chicago Speaking Coach, I have done sales presentations skills training with sales professionals in all different fields. I can teach you techniques to increase your impact and increase your sales.


As a result of this coaching you will:

  • Gain confidence in your sales presentations
  • Learn to use Powerpoint effectively and not get caught in the spiderweb of information
  • Build rapport with your customers by changing your focus
  • Engage your customers through effective stories

Give me a call at (708) 710-2562 for more information and to schedule a session. You will see results within the first session.


Clients say

“Lori did a fantastic training session with our 20 top sales people and then all of the sales people from Illinois.
It was very useful.”
-Hank Allen, Pfizer


“Why hasn’t anyone taught me these techniques before? I’ve been in sales forever and went to business school!”
-Lilly Dominguez, Acteon


“Since Lori has been helping me with my presentation skills and content, I am really connecting with my clients, and because of that, my sales have increased. Lori is invaluable because every minute in session with her is time well invested.”
-Jill Kasper, Arbonne International