Interview Skills

Employers say that communication skills are the number one skill they look for in hiring a new employee. You may have a great resume but being able to interview well is equally important. If you have stress and anxiety about interviewing I offer interview skills training. As a Chicago Speaking Coach, I have helped many people who were not even getting second interviews land their dream jobs. It took only a few sessions. Don’t use your interviews to practice your skills- use your interviews to get the job! Give me a call at (708) 710-2562, you can’t afford not to.

Results of Interview Skills Coaching

  • As a result of this coaching you will:
  • Gain confidence in your interviewing skills
  • Learn how to use your nerves to help yourself, not shut you down
  • Learn to sell your skills, experience and assets with ease
  • Focus on them and how you can solve their problems
  • Build rapport with your interviewer
  • Be better prepared to land the job!

Clients Say

“You can chalk me up as another success story. I got a job offer today, thanks to all your help”
John Bryant, Internet Technology
“Your coaching was invaluable. You really helped me feel confident during my interview. I am so happy with my new job.”
Mital Patel, Computer Engineer