As a public speaking coach I work with many people who think they somehow need to be a different person when they are giving a presentation.  The most important thing you need to know as a speaker is that the audience wants you to be real and to be authentic.

The audience assumes that if you are standing in front of them that you have something important to say to them.  They want you to just have a conversation with them.  It takes some work to making the shift from talking to one person conversationally and then twenty people or fifty people or one hundred.  But the same theory applies and it takes some rehearsal.  If you think about your favorite speakers at work they are probably the ones who are just themselves.  They don’t need to have big grand gestures or fancy words or a boming voice.  They don’t have to be perfect.  You feel like you are just talking to them in the hallway as opposed to being in an audience of one hundred.

When you speak from the heart about your topic your audience will listen.  When you are connected to what you are saying you usually feel passion.  We can’t help but listen to someone who is passionate. If you listen to anyone talk about their passions you are drawn in.  When you speak from the heart it is also a gift to your audience. When the speaker reaveals their authentic self the audience wants to listen.  Now you think, “But I’m a CFO or a sales director and I have to talk about budgets and it’s boring”.

If you are bored with your material then they will be bored.  No matter what you present you have to be excited about it or at least recognize the value of it.  So I ask the CFO who is talking about the budget to find even one thing that he is proud of or that is positive and highlight that.  Can he come up with a story about it or an example to drive home the point and liven up his presentation.  Then he can be connected to it and the audience can connect.  Public speaking authenticity is important.  So speak from your heart and be authentic and your audience will more easily connect to you and to your information.