Does the fear of speaking or giving a presentation keep you up at night?  Well, if it does you are not alone.  Most people who call me for speaking coaching say that uncontrollable nervousness is their number one concern.  You don’t want to completely get rid of the nervousness, you just want to use it to your advantage.  How can you control your fear?  It is simply a matter of shifting your focus.

Lori Klinka discusses fear of speaking

Three Speaking Focuses

There are three main components when speaking.

* There is you the speaker

* There is the message you are trying to convey

* There is the audience

Focus on Yourself

When you are nervous most of your focus is on yourself.  Your little voice is constantly judging you. “Do I look nervous?  I’m saying too many ummm’s!  This isn’t going well.  Etc.  Etc. Etc”

Focus on your Message

When your main focus is on the message you can get caught up in the words and leave out your audience.  Everyone has had a boring teacher who was fascinated by what they were saying but nobody else was interested.

Focus on your Audience

When your main focus is the audience and making sure the audience GETS your message then you establish rapport with them.  You are there for THEM.  You are not speaking to hear yourself talk but to give what you have to share to the audience.  It’s all about THEM!

Conquer Your Fear of Speaking

It takes practice but if you remember every time you speak “It’s not about ME, it’s all about THEM” you will alleviate some of your nervousness and actually learn to enjoy speaking.