fear of public speaking


Having anxiety and being nervous when speaking are common.  You can change your fear of public speaking into excitement.  Nerves are just a form of energy.  They even call it “nervous energy”.  Everything is a form of energy.  Take the example of water.  Water can come in the form of water, steam or ice.  It just changes form.  So what you want to learn to do is change the form of your nervousness.

Getting Rid of your Nerves

As a Speaking Coach people always ask me “how can I get rid of my nerves?”  You really can’t get rid of your nerves but you can learn to use your nerves to your advantage.

What happens to you physically when you get really nervous or afraid?  Fear takes many forms, some people sweat, or shake, or they can’t think straight, they may feel sick, stutter, their heart pounds, they can’t stop moving, their voice may quiver or any other symptom.

 Using the Physical Symptoms of Fear

For example when I am really nervous I get “butterflies” in my stomach.  But when I am really excited I feel the exact same sensation.  I also feel the “butterflies” when I feel totally in love.  So it is the same physical feeling under different emotional circumstances.  The same is true if your heart races or any other physical symptom.

Plan on Being Nervous and Use It!

Plan on being nervous.  Wait for it to hit and then change that physical and emotional energy into something else besides anxiety and fear.  You can say to yourself “I’m scared to death to talk in front of these people, I hope I don’t blow it!”  Or you can feel the same sensations physically and turn that around to say to yourself “I am so excited to talk to these people.  I have a great message that will really help them.  I can have a positive impact today.  I like the feeling of that excitement, those “butterflies” and I am going to use that energy to do a great job!”  I have helped many people change their fear of speaking into excitement and you can too.